Monday, October 26, 2015

Congee Fun For Our Family.

The Southerners in the United States have grits, the Northerners in the United States have cream of wheat, those from the Philippines have aroz caldo, and here in Hong Kong the Chinese have congee. While my daughter was in the hospital, every morning she was served this rice cereal and she would enthusiastically wolf it down. 

Congee is a rice porridge or gruel that is pretty bland, unless other flavorings are added to it. As you can tell from the menu in English, pig stomach, kidney, and other interesting animal parts can be added to flavor your congee dish. We chose the sweet corn porridge and the sliced fish dish to which we added spring onions and roasted salted peanuts to. We also ordered some fried dough sticks which the kids dipped into their congee.    

Every member in our family, except for my son, is a fan of this rice porridge. 

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