Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our Family's Mid-Autumn Dinner.

We gathered our little family together and decided to put our own twist on the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival feast. Traditionally, foods eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival tend to be round to resemble the full moon. With that in mind, I asked each family member what they would at our special meal.

Instead of the traditional celebratory duck, crab, and/or pork at the meal, my husband chose to eat steaks. We chose to compliment the steaks with caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. We decided our round starch to go with our steaks would be roasted potatoes with carrots. The one Asian dish we added to our meal was some sautéed bok choy, which we kept simple by adding garlic and sesame oil to maintain it's natural flavor.

We split one mooncake for dessert and feasted on a pear tatin which mimicked the roundness of the full moon. And while we ate, my son told us the story of the rabbit, the old man, the lady, and the moon.

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