Friday, September 4, 2015

Homeschooling Routine.

Homeschooling for our family at this particular season in our lives, has been the answer to a prayer we started praying in January. We have finished up our fourth week, and it is affirming to see the benefits for everyone in our family. {And just like every mom, I too complain that my kids can't take a decent picture with both of them behaving for the camera!} 

We have gradually worked out a routine for what works for our family. The kids study geography, science, world history, the Bible, math, language arts, Tagalog, music, physical education, handwriting... everything they would get in a school setting and then some. I'm thankful to have a curriculum to help guide me as their teacher, and I'm thankful for my husband who picks up where I have left off when he comes home from work. As a mother who vehemently declared many times in my life, I would never homeschool my children, I am grateful for the grace that God gives me every day and every moment. 

The kids are loving homeschool. We get to implement what we learn in such unique ways. The day we learned about India, we all went out to our local Indian restaurant for dinner and ate curry. Today our kids learned about the Bedouin's who live in the Arabian desert and the Turcoman that live in the desert in Iran. Tonight we set up a tent made out of blankets in our living room for them to sleep under. I love to see them apply what they have learned. And I love to see them learn! 

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