Friday, July 31, 2015

Thai Iced Tea.

I know this drink as a Thai Milk Tea, but in Thailand, it's simply referred to as a Thai Iced Tea. It wasn't until the morning that we left Thailand, that my husband and I found the stall that made the best tea. It was so good in fact, that we went back again for another drink!!!

Up until this point, all the Thai Iced Tea's we had purchased were made with powder instead of an actual brewed tea. Brewing the tea makes all the difference in flavor and taste. The lady who owns the street stall, brewed the tea for us, then added the sweeten condensed milk. After mixing them together, she poured the hot tea into a clear plastic bag filled with ice. 

After the drink was in the bag with ice, she added more sweeten condensed milk, the bag got tied up tightly and was shaken vigorously. She cut a small hole into the top of the bag, in which she inserted a plastic straw. Finally the bag was placed into a paper bag, and handed to the customer! 

Not only was the drink delicious, but the presentation was so fun!!!

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