Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Noah's Ark.

A life sized replica of the actual ark recorded in the Bible. We took my parents with us to check out Noah's Ark while they were here. Our family is very familiar with the account in the Bible and believe what the Bible has to say to be truth. Friends who have been did not have very good reviews of the attraction, so my expectations were low as we approached the park. However, it was a great tourist attraction and one could definitely spend a whole day exploring 

Neither my husband, nor I, was aware that there was a hotel attached to Noah's Ark. Like I mentioned earlier, it was a larger attraction than we had anticipated. 

We {I should specify my father and husband primarily} took our time walking through the exhibits. Both my husband and father love to thoroughly read each description next to every exhibit. I'd rather walk through quickly and get the general idea of what is being shown. 

The Ark Expo was so informative. Telling stories of different mission attempts to find the ark on Mount Ararat with pictures showing the different teams in action who have searched for the ark. We all enjoyed the movie in the theatre that told the story of Noah building the ark and the resulting flood. My children were a little terrified of the sensory effects that accompanied the film.

Outside, we walked through the Ark Garden. There were many statues of life sized animals in pairs to look at. Our son loved walking around looking for clues to mark down and answer specific questions on a kid map that they handed him when we purchased our park tickets. The clues applied to all areas of the park, so it kept him focused and on a mission.

As I mentioned, the park was a lot larger than we had planned for, and we never did get around to see every area. We took a short lunch break at the restaurant below the ark and were disappointed in the food quality. Cold boiled chicken isn't exactly a favorite of mine to eat! Our kids would love to come back at some point and perhaps one day we will!

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