Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mui Wo.

Back in South Carolina, I would have thought twice about taking a quick day trip to visit a friend that lived 2 hours away. Living in Myrtle Beach, it would be the equivalent to a trip down to Charleston or a trip to Columbia. I would probably have spent the night. But here in Hong Kong, it just takes longer to get places, and my friend Meg, that I wanted to visit lives out on Lantau Island. When my husband looked it up on Google maps for me, it said the trip would take three hours on bus or two hours via bus and ferry. One way.

So off on a ferry I went, to Mui Wo. Mui Wo is a quaint little seaside village, with a lovely beach and many village houses. It has a completely different vibe to it than the city of Hong Kong that I am more familiar with. As soon as I disembarked from the ferry, there was a sea of parked bicycles chained up. Life seems to slow down in Mui Wo compared to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. 

I didn't see any skyscrapers and tall apartment complexes. Instead it was village houses with many a vegetable garden. I saw a waterfall and an old lavatory with a hole in the ground. I loved Mui Wo. It was relaxing and in a way reminded me of a sleepy Southern town that you might find in the United States. Ok... maybe not the United States since it reminded me more of the Philippines than the States. 

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