Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Went To Disneyland During CNY.

We thought the crowds at Disneyland wouldn't be too bad since it was Chinese New Year. We were very wrong. As soon as we got on the train line headed towards Disneyland, we knew we were in trouble. There was standing room only and we were rubbing elbows with the person next to us. 

We were thankful that we have season passes, because the lines were too long to take full advantage of the rides. Lines were averaging an hour wait time. We stood in line for 90 minutes to ride a 2 minute car ride in Tomorrowland. Our kids got to make friends with the other kids that were standing in the long line together. 

With the lines being so long for everything, our family focused more on experiencing street food {we love food in general}. My daughter loved the fried squid from the street vendors. Talk about a sugar high after ingesting cotton candy and ice cream! We barely redeemed ourselves with our corn on the cob!

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