Friday, February 13, 2015

Tourist Spots In Macau.

With our driver doubling as our tour guide, our first stop on our Macau trip was to the Fisherman's Warf. Just as Hong Kong was at one point a former British colony, Macau at one point was a former Portuguese colony. Today, Macau is synonymous with Las Vegas, with gambling and casinos. The Portuguese influence can still be seen throughout the city.

We made a quick five minute stop to view the giant female Buddha bronze statue, Kun lam Ecumenical Centre. This Buddhist Goddess of Mercy stands a little over sixty-five feet tall above a lotus shaped dome.

Our driver dropped us off at Senado Square, which is the Macau Business Tourism Centre. It was colorfully decorated for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. The crowd of people was thick in this area of the city. We made our way towards the Ruins of St. Paul's by following the sign posts which were clearly marked and placed in prominent places. We stopped in one of the many stores selling jerky of all kinds {beef, spicy beef, pork, spicy pork, chicken, spicy chicken} to sample some jerky. There was plenty of street food to purchase and sample, although prices were high.

Visiting the Ruins of St. Paul's was the one stop I really wanted to check out during our trip to Macau. Once again, we were constantly rubbing elbows with fellow pedestrians.  This beautiful facade is all that is left of this 16th century church that was once destroyed by fires and typhoon weather.

Our driver spoke English reasonably well, but we still had some communication barriers. I was under the impression that we were being dropped off to view the Kun lam Temple, but based off the pictures I've found on the internet, we visited a different temple.

One of our final stops was to see the panda's at the Panda Pavilion. We only saw one of the two panda's living in this sanctuary. It was voraciously eating piles of bamboo during the twenty minutes we were there. Once it had finished both piles of bamboo, the panda meandered over to a few exercise balls that were hanging down, and the panda proceeded to play around with them.


  1. In the first five pictures the streets look so CLEAN and no people to be seen! (That rhymes, lol)
    Didn't expect to see that.
    Do you feel safe walking through the alleys by yourself?

    1. Very nice rhyme! We feel relatively safe traveling. We are aware that there are places we have to be more aware of than others. But overall it's a safe place!


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