Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friendships With Fellow Expats.

Relationships with fellow expats develop at a much faster rate than what I was experiencing back in South Carolina. Back in Myrtle Beach, a lot of the people I came into contact with were people that graduated from high school with the sames kids from their Kindergarten class. As adults, they were working to become pillars in the community. Not so much for us expats. We move around every couple of years which makes it hard to put down roots in one spot. 

I grew up in a transient lifestyle as a child to missionaries. I was always having friends walking in and leaving on a yearly basis. Over the years, when it comes to friendships, I've been conditioned to invest quickly and dig deep. Because expats do not have the luxury of developing a relationship over a period of ten to fifteen years before we can exchange meaningful conversation, we all are more open to each other. Over the past six months, I've realized there is no question off limits among my circle of friends. It's been great doing life with people who come from different countries and cultures than our own family. There is so much diversity and it's a beautiful thing to get the privileged to be exposed to it.

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