Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Hike To Bride's Pool.

On Sunday, we skipped church to hike up to Bride's Pool in Tai Po, because Sunday and public holidays are the only day that bus 275R runs. Once we got off the MTR at the Tai Po Market, it was easy to find the correct bus, since there were so many helpful signs pointing us in the right direction. We haven't been back to Tai Po since we first moved there for that moldy first two weeks of life in Hong Kong.

The weather was ideal for our hike. There was no rain during the hike, but it was a cool 67 degrees Fahrenheit and there were some clouds overhead. There is something so calming about hiking among nature after being surrounded by skyscrapers and crowds of people all week. As you can tell from some of the photographs, parts of the path were pretty narrow and there was a lot of uphill climbing. The friends we hiked with, as well as our family, all came away from this hike a little sorer than from our previous hike up Monkey Mountain.  

We had packed a picnic lunch that we purchased from the grocery store. Containers of salad, fresh fruit, and rice with chicken {that rice and chicken was my husband's lunch}. The kids got the excitement of choosing anything they wanted to eat, and they chose slices of margarita pizza and chips. I find it's the little things that can get my children excited about something that might not be as exciting for their little legs. As soon as I mentioned we were going on a hike to the kids, my son looked forward to it as another hiking adventure, while my daughter dreaded having to walk for a long time. But as soon as I told her she could pick out her lunch, her attitude switched around and the walk to the falls was no longer an issue. We enjoyed eating our picnic on the rocks at the base of the falls. 

According to Wikipedia, the legend of Bride's Pool is that a bride was being carried in a sedan chair by four portors to meet her husband. As they were walking beside the pool, one of the porters slipped on the muddy path, causing the bride to fall into the water and drown. As a result, the pool is named in memory of the bride.

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