Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chinese New Year Dinner Party.

With our living room doubling as our formal dining room, I hosted a Chinese New Year dinner party for some girl friends. Our house may be tiny, but community is still very important to me, and being able to have friends over is essential to life. So we squeezed in five other ladies into our 400 square foot apartment, while my husband took the kids on a date to see a movie in the theater and eat dinner at their favorite restaurant.

There is a list of foods that one is supposed to eat at Chinese New Year. Truth be told, we ended up ordering Thai food for our dinner party as opposed to the more traditional foods, because some of my guests were a little apprehensive about trying new foods. Traditional foods however, include {but are not limited to} turnip cakes, dumplings, long noodles, and whole fish.

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