Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Monkeys Of Monkey Mountain.

As soon as we got off the bus and started walking towards the park, we immediately started seeing wild monkeys along the main highway. There were plenty of signs posted letting humans know the proper way to interact with the monkeys to keep them healthy and to avoid them attacking the humans.

We easily saw around 100 wild monkeys at the park. The monkeys are all shapes and sizes. Some of the male monkeys are fairly large in size, and quite intimidating when you're within an arm length away from them.

On the trail we didn't come across any monkeys, but there were plenty at the entrance to the path. As we were leaving, a young boy and his grandpa were feeding the monkey's fruit. This attracted a large group of monkeys that were going crazy fighting each other for that food. Definitely a Jumanji evoking moment. Even with plenty of signs posted all over reminding people not to feed the monkeys and that there was a hefty fine to pay, it didn't seem to stop anyone from giving the monkeys some food.

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