Friday, January 30, 2015

Street Food.

As soon as the weather started getting cooler, we began seeing carts on street corners. It's a free standing cart on wheels, with a gas fire pit to cook food over. The carts are made out of a combination of wood and steel. 

The food is cooked in a large skillet with tiny black stones {I'm assuming they're stones}. The food is stirred using a long metal spoon that resembles a garden hoe. The food is removed from the skillet using a wire mesh basket that allows the black stones to fall through back into the hot skillet.

This particular cart had a large variety to choose from. Different types of nuts - walnuts, chestnuts, and peanuts. There are always whole roasted sweet potatoes that are weighed and then priced accordingly. Both quail and chicken eggs that are hard boiled. For twenty-six Hong Kong dollars, we purchased a small brown paper bag of roasted peanuts still in their shell.

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