Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flower Market In Mong Kok.

Sunday morning instead of heading to church we walked down to Mong Kok in search of fresh plants to replace my dead flowers that are outside on one of our balconies. We walked around the flower market comparing prices while my daughter pointed out all the flowers she wanted to buy and bring home with her. Too bad we don't have the space and she doesn't have the finances to accommodate her every whim!

The flower market has everything you might possibly need. From seed packets to grow vegetables, strawberry plants with ripe strawberries already on them, colorful orchids, to cut flowers wrapped in cellophane bouquets. 

I tried to bargain with vendors that did not have the prices marked, but ended up going back to a store I had purchased from in the past. I like their prices and their quality of plant. 

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