Monday, December 22, 2014

Maintaining Family Traditions During The Holidays While Also Creating New Ones.

While most expats living in Hong Kong jet off to other countries during the Christmas holiday {any holiday for that matter}, our family has opted to stay in this beautiful city of lights and experience our first Hong Kong Christmas.

We've chosen to maintain as many holiday traditions that we've established in the past eleven years of our marriage even though we're living in a foreign country. Prior to our vacation starting, I wrote down a list of activities we wanted to do this holiday. Sugar cookie making, baking, and decorating was part of the list.

Our two children went ice skating for the first time and took quite quickly to skating. We've put together a gingerbread house and decorated it. Both of our kids participated in a Christmas nativity play at the church we attend. 

We are enjoying afternoons to take naps and build Lego's. Time spent with friends we've made here in Hong Kong. And of course, with the fudge, sugar cookies, and gingerbread cookies floating around our home there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in something a little sweet. 

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