Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hong Kong Style Hot Pot.

On the coldest day yet, since moving to Hong Kong, our family walked down to Kowloon City to have a go at our first hot pot experience. We were seated at a table with a burner built into the middle. At each place setting there were chopsticks and a ladle. After being handed our menu, we quickly informed our server that this was our first experience, and she walked us through the process.

We ordered our soup base based on the three thumbs up that were visually printed on the menu.  Then we chose a variety of mushrooms and vegetables, two different noodles, and a variety of meat in ball form to add to the soup. The meat needed five minutes longer to cook than the other ingredients we put in the pot. It was a fun experience cooking our food.

As soon as we were seated, someone brought over a variety of fresh ingredients for us to make out own dipping sauce. This was a favorite of our two children, since they felt like they were cooking already. We could choose from fresh garlic, fried garlic, chilis, cilantro, and green onions.

All the ingredients were super fresh. So fresh in fact, that the seafood was still moving in the pot before our server lit it on fire.

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