Monday, November 10, 2014

Kayaking In Sai Kung.

With directions carefully scrawled out in pencil on a piece of paper torn from a little black notebook, our family of four made their way out to Sai Kung to meet friends for a group adventure of kayaking. However, even with the directions, it didn't stop us from getting lost coming out of the MTR station in Choi Hung.

Eventually after stopping to ask a number of pedestrians where we could find mini bus 1A to the Sai Kung Pier, we were headed in the right direction and were able to meet up with our friends with no further incidents.

This was our first trip to the beach here in Hong Kong. It was a bit different from the shores of Myrtle Beach. The sand here in Hong Kong wasn't quite the same... and not quite as clean. For fifty Hong Kong dollars, we were able to rent single kayaks for the whole day. Our two person kayak which fit our family of four was only one hundred Hong Kong dollars {which included a purple Hannah Montana life jacket for our daughter to wear during our adventure}. We were blown away by how economical it was to rent!

There were many islands to paddle out to. We did a big loop around several islands, getting out and exploring one particular island when our kids started complaining about needing to use the bathroom {or toilet as they say here in Hong Kong}.

We definitely plan to go back and explore caves, an arch, and a church we were told about. Now that we know what we're doing, we'll pack more water and food so we can stay out the whole day.

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