Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bread Street.

When we found out that Gordon Ramsay had recently opened a restaurant in Hong Kong, we figured we'd check it out. I was never a fan of his on the show Hell's Kitchen  but when I moved to Hong Kong and started watching his Home Cooking show on YouTube in an attempt to get dinner ideas that did not require the use of an oven, I found it was a little easier to stomach his enthusiasm.

My daughter has recently taken an interest in using my DSLR camera, so the photo's of our time spent at the restaurant are through her eyes.

We did not have reservations when we walked into the restaurant at noon on a Friday, but were immediately seated at a square bar close to the entrance. 

The kids were each handed an impressive orange colored parcel with the children's menu printed on one side and a packet of crayons as well as a full coloring book on the inside when you opened it up. They immediately started coloring while my husband and I ordered food for all four of us.

I enjoyed the time we spent at the restaurant, but if you ask my husband, he would tell you he was unimpressed. Ask the kids and they would tell you they love the coloring book.


  1. Julie, I love reading about all your adventures! It looks exciting, but I'm sure it's hard sometimes too! (:

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Carmen! Life here in HK does have it's hard times too, just like anywhere else in this world!


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