Thursday, November 13, 2014

Basic Whole Roasted Chicken.

Sounds like it would be pretty basic, doesn't it? And yet, for me it wasn't as basic as I was accustomed to. I love to eat and prepare a whole roasted chicken, at least a whole chicken minus the head and feet. I was aware whole chickens came with the heads on here in Hong Kong, and then in that split second as courage empowered me while I was standing in the grocery store looking at my options for dinner, I decided I could conquer my fears and roast a whole chicken for dinner. 

After all, growing up in the Philippines my family used to raise chickens for the meat and I was an active participant {and willing} in the whole butchering and cleaning process. I would stand at the kitchen counter with my mom and we would mass clean at least a dozen chickens at a time. I remember dipping the freshly butchered chickens in boiling water and then pulling the feathers out onto old newspaper to make for easy clean up. But that was as a child and I had my mom standing next to me to hold my hand. 

With my mom half way around the world, I waited until my husband got home from work to help hold my hand with the butchering process. As an added bonus as I unwrapped the chicken from its plastic packaging I noticed with complete surprise both feet were tucked into the cavity. Lucky me.  

I'm proud to say, I conquered that chicken. After I cleaned it up and seasoned it, our family enjoyed roasted chicken for dinner that night.

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