Sunday, November 23, 2014

American Thanksgiving In Hong Kong.

I'm a strong believer that holidays are what you make it. So for American Thanksgiving we hosted a group of expats, who are also coworkers of my husband, at our house for a full turkey dinner. Thanksgiving is an important holiday to me. It sort of signifies the start of this season of holidays, what with Christmas and New Years as well.

The weather outside was perfect, so we pulled our dining room table out onto the patio. We had a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, which made it easier on myself. Our family provided the turkey for the meal. But instead of just going to a grocery store to purchase a turkey, it was more like, our friend knows a guy who can get us a turkey. I wasn't sure if we'd end up with a turkey for the actual day or not, and that poor bird was forgotten several times in several different places, but all to say we did end up eating a turkey that we roasted ourselves. 

As soon as we decided we would be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, the number around our table kept growing. It doubled in size from six people eating to twelve people sharing the meal together. That meant our family definitely did not have enough plates, cutlery, or glasses for all of us to eat from. I just wasn't comfortable having people eat off of plastic or paper plates for a holiday meal, so off to Ikea we went to add more dishes to our inventory. 

Thanksgiving surrounded by fellow expat friends who were basically all in their first year here in Hong Kong as well, was definitely a success. We ended the evening watching Mockingjay Part I and walking down the Temple Street night market.

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