Monday, October 13, 2014

Being Away From Family During A Holiday.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and if we were living in Canada we would be eating a delicious turkey dinner with my family. It's ironic that living across the world from them makes me miss the act of eating a holiday meal together a little more poignant. Especially since the reality is we've only been to Canada once in the past eleven years to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

But the truth is, I miss my family. I miss hugging my adorable niece and nephew. My kids miss playing with their cousins. They miss having their grandparents read to them and play games with them.

Perhaps I'm feeling additionally sentimental today because yesterday, as we were riding the bus out to Sai Kung for a birthday party, my son told me he lay in bed that morning before the rest of the house was awake and cried thinking about the friends he'd left in South Carolina. 

He's sad which makes this Mama hurt for him. Welcome to the life of being an expat kid, Son.  

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