Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Making The Most Of Living In Tai Po.

As grim as we thought our introduction to Tai Po was, there is beauty around us. Although we only lived at the hotel for one week, we quickly became accustomed to city life and having the ability to take a lift {elevator} down to the street where we could walk across to a grocery store. We enjoyed having that easy and immediate access to the outside world. Now we're a good 10 minutes taxi ride into town, or a 15 minute minibus ride. There are no grocery stores in sight around our village apartment, which requires us to be intentional with the time we do spend in town. 

Sitting in the park which is located in the heart of the Tai Po wet market watching little old men without any teeth playing Mahjong together. Occasionally one of the men will get up and shuffle over to another park bench. They wander by our family and give us the slow once over look that covers our head to our toes.

I love the old wet market. There's another shopping plaza that is newer and has a more western feel to it, but wet markets remind me of my life in the Philippines. Seeing the fruit on display and even the meat cut up and sectioned out in each stall, reminds me of home. There is a beauty to it and a familiarity that draws me in.


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