Monday, August 25, 2014

Egg Waffles.

Saturday afternoon, we met a friend of ours in Wan Chai with the intention of eating Filipino food together. We arrived earlier than our friend and while we were waiting for her to arrive we walked around the area. Right beside the MTR station is a stall that sells these amazing egg waffles. 

When we were living in the United States, I had seen a show featuring them and trying the waffles once we got to Hong Kong was on the kid's list of things they wanted to do.

You'll know you are near a stall selling these waffles even before you see them, because the sweet fragrance hits your sense of smell first.

These are delicious. For 15.00 HKD you can purchase two or 8.50 HKD will buy you one. The flavor reminds us of eating fortune cookies. Our family affectionately refers to them as "bubble waffles". I do believe they are more commonly called "egg waffles". The waffles are light and have a slight almond taste. They are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. It's easy to break off one ball at a time to consume the waffle while holding it in the paper bag.

These particular egg waffles were purchased from a vendor right beside the MTR exit in Wan Chai. We have discovered as we've eaten more egg waffles, that the flavor and texture subtly varies from vendor to vendor.

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