Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm So Proud Of My Kids.

As I sit at the computer typing out this post, my kids are going through their toys and putting them into piles of what to keep and what to pack. My son has just recently started devouring chapter books, and thanks to his Ninang {godmother}, he has quite a library. My daughter is going through her case of Barbie's and her American Girl dolls to narrow down what to fit into her suitcase. However, she's not narrowing down too much. 

My kids are normal kids. My son had a breakdown when he started sorting through his Lego's. He didn't know which set to take with him and it's not an option to take all thirty some sets with us to Hong Kong. So my husband and I were there to comfort and encourage him through his tears. Now my son's Spiderman action figure is nestled among the rainbow tights of his sister. And for the moment, all is right in his world.  

I am reminded once again of what my friend from high school told me recently. To give my children more grace during this period of transition. When I find myself becoming frustrated those words of advice gently nudge their way to the forefront of my mind and it's easier for me to speak words of love instead.

{This throwback picture is one of my all time favorites of the two kids from the year our daughter was born back in 2009. It was taken by a friend. And I must note, that we have decided to let our son take all thirty some sets of Lego's with us to HK... in our carry-on luggage since there is no weight limit for those bags.}

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