Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grateful For Great Neighbors.

We love our neighbors. We love them so much that they are like family to us and our kids are their adopted grand-kids. Tonight we got together at their home with some of our other neighbors for one final cookout and to spend some time together. As a daughter of missionaries who moved every four years or so, I grew up saying good-bye to people. And to this day, I hate good-bye's. I find them to be awkward and uncomfortable. But I like farewell parties because I can say my farewells to a big group of people at one time without actually saying the word "good-bye".

A friend of ours made this cake for the dinner party tonight. I thought it was too cute not to share with you. She hasn't taken any courses in cake decorating, and this cake wouldn't win any awards, but what speaks to my sentimental heart is the love that went into the construction and decoration of this cake. The actual base of the cake is a carrot cake full of walnuts and raisins. For the decorations, our friend took angel food cake and cut them into the shapes she wanted. She then decorated them to resemble the highrise skyline of Hong Kong, a Chinese pagoda, and finally a sampan {which is a relatively flat bottom boat}. I loved this cake and the work she put into it to make it personal for our family.   

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