Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Taking Time To Breathe.

Since receiving the news that we were moving overseas, I've felt myself becoming overwhelmed several times a day. I see everything that needs to be packed up in boxes. I see china dishes that need to be wrapped in protective tissue and then packed away. I look at the boxes in our garage and in our storage shed and wonder when I'll get the time to thoroughly price everything we want to sell and pack everything we want to keep. What causes me the most anxiety is trying to sort through everything while staying on top of the every day mundane choirs. Like laundry. Or like cooking meals for my family. Or like cleaning the bathrooms. It's more fun to pack. But a mess in the house, and things out of place, drive me bonkers.  

Both my husband and my parents keep reminding me to slow down and breathe. This is a little difficult for my personality. I like immediate results. Gone are the days when I had abundant energy and could work steadily throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning. Living off of multiple cups of coffee, of course. These days I need my sleep. And even though I find myself drifting off to the lists of things to do running through my head, I still have to stop and try to relax. I am so thankful we live right by the ocean. I love the beach. It's calming.

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