Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looking Into The Future While Living With Uncertainty.

My husband is scheduled to have his second interview later this week. I look around our house. I look at all the stuff that has accumulated over our ten years of marriage. There's a lot. And while I know it's just stuff, a part of me wants to hang on to most of it. But it's not even thinkable to bring any of it with us when we'd be downsizing to a 500 square foot apartment. Just two weeks ago I redid my kid's bedrooms. Painted furniture and completely decorated. Two weeks ago we weren't thinking that moving to the other side of the globe was a possibility. I don't like feeling so attached to stuff. This life on earth is so short and I know we can't bring anything with us when we die, so I've always tried to live my life with that mentality. I'm finding out that I'm a little more attached than I thought.

This is a nerve racking week and really forces me to put my trust in God - knowing that He has everything under control. We are so close to moving, but my husband still has that second interview before we will know something definite. It's the not knowing that causes my stomach to tighten up a bit more - or maybe that's just the springtime allergies I'm experiencing which throw me off physically and make it that much harder to breathe. I find comfort in knowing that if God's plan for our family is to remain living in Myrtle Beach or to be in another country, that He has a purpose through all of it.

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