Monday, June 20, 2016

Moving Out Of Kowloon City.

Today we move out of what has been home for the past two years. We have loved living in Kowloon City and we will miss the relationships we have built with our neighbors and the shop owners in our community. There is the grocery store on the corner with the two friendly ladies that ring us up and bag our groceries for us. The local bakery that gives us free coconut buns and tuna buns and always has a big smile, hugs, and hello for the kids. The spa that I love to go to on a weekly basis for a relaxing massage after walking all over the streets of Hong Kong. We will miss the Thai restaurant on our block that knows our order as soon as we walk through the front door. It has been a fun two years of cultivating these special relationships. 

We chose to live in Kowloon City because it was within walking distance to my husband's place of employment. It's not typically an expat community, and we have loved the local feel we get walking around on the streets. Going from living in a small southern town in the United States to living in a metropolis with sky rises and millions of people crammed into tight spaces, Kowloon City was the perfect spot for us that offered the small town charm of knowing each other. My kids were safe walking around on their own, because everyone looked out for them and knew them. 

Thank you, Kowloon City for giving us such a wonderful home in Hong Kong.

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