Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Philippines - Dusit Thani Hotel.

We finished off our last days in the Philippines in Makati because my husband had a conference he needed to attend for work. We stayed at the Dusit Thani hotel which was close to the major Edsa highway and in walking distance of the Greenbelt shopping center and plenty of other shopping malls. There wasn't too much to do in Makati except shop and the stores were big brands like Gucci and above my desired price point. 

My husband and I got a bit of a laugh when we checked into our single king sized room and the front desk (after seeing we had two kids with us) asked if we wanted to upgrade to an extra 200 square feet for an additional price. We declined the nice offer and were thankful when we saw that the room we were to be staying in for the rest of the week was actually a bit bigger than our apartment in Hong Kong. After living in less than 400 square feet, we know what small space living is all about.

The hotel offered a nice pool that was relatively empty of other people swimming around and we spent plenty of time out in the sun and in the water. 

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