Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Birthday To My Son.

In our family birthday celebrations last all week long and into the weekend. We started my son's ninth birthday celebration in the Philippines and ended it in Hong Kong. In the Philippines we ate at the first TGIFridays that I ever ate at. Back in 1995 it when the restaurant chain made its way over to Manila, it was a big deal. Now there are so many western chains out in the Philippines that it's not a big deal anymore. The hotel we were staying at was right next to the Fridays, and we found ourselves at the restaurant on one of our final nights in Manila. 

Back in Hong Kong, my son got to have what he declares as his best birthday yet. He invited his best buddies and we took them all to see the movie Zootopia in 3D and then out to lunch. He ended his evening building his massive Lego set that he got as his birthday present.

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