Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well Wishing Festival.

We came in search of the Wishing Tree and immediately saw it from the road. It's an artificial tree that you pay to trow artificial oranges onto. The saying is that the higher the orange and your wish lands in the branches of the tree, the more likely your wish is to come true. If you throw your orange and it falls out of the tree, but you repeatedly try to make it into the tree, you are being greedy with your wish. Although our family does not believe that wishes actually come true, it was a fun tradition to participate in.

We also wrote down a couple wishes on the floating lotus flowers that we then set free to bob around in on the water. The kids wished for Lego sets and I wished for a particular bracelet. We made sure to make silly wishes since we were doing it all in fun. 

We walked around the festival and ate our new favorite tang-hular treats, a bowl of noodles, and some bean curd. There was a shuttle bus from Tai Po going directly to and from the festival, making transportation accessible. Although it's not a religious festival for our family, it is a religious festival for other people who attended and there was plenty of incense burning and alters set up for prayer. 

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