Monday, February 22, 2016

Sai Wan Swimming Shed.

After an exciting week in our house, we thought we would cross off some of the items on our Hong Kong bucket list before we leave this wonderful city in June. We were thankful for a day with sunshine and as we went in search of the Sai Wan Swimming Shed. We took the train to the last stop at Kennedy Town and walked along the coast till we found a break in the bushes with a small path leading down to the water. Hoping that we were on the right track, we walked down multiple flights of stairs till we found exactly what we were looking for. There were a few other people down there with us, primarily couples locked in each other's arms and people with their camera and tripod taking pictures of the gorgeous view. It is such a peaceful place and so scenic. True to its name, while we were there, an older man in a little speedo came walking off the pier to jump into the water and swim around. Since it was February, I wonder how chilly that water was! 

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