Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kubrick Cafe.

Back in 2001, Myrtle Beach had a coffee shop called "The Living Room". The Living Room was a coffee shop with a used book store. My husband {boyfriend at the time} loved playing the guitar and singing on Thursday night's at their open mic nights. I had just graduated from university in Virginia and moved down to South Carolina to avoid having to do a long distance relationship. My now spouse and I spent many hours in The Living Room, where we would browse books, drink coffee, and make life long friendships with professors from the local university. 

Kubrick Cafe immediately transported us back to 2001 and for a moment we both felt as though we were back in the United States as opposed to where we actually were... Hong Kong. Our two kids loved exploring the novels that were available to purchase. They are avid readers and my son will read out loud to his sister for hours at a time. The bookstore and coffee shop were fantastic and we will definitely be back.

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