Friday, January 15, 2016

A Day Of Coffee Shops.

We had made plans for an exciting Hong Kong weekend adventure and then it rained all weekend, thus causing us to change our plans to accommodate the weather! So I decided it was time to explore Hong Kong's coffee shops on the Kowloon side. 

We started our morning off in Kowloon City at Glady's Estate Coffee. The coffee was decent, the price was high, and when they refused to take my $500 HKD bill for our $200 HKD tab because they didn't have enough change in their register, I wrote them off. I ended up walking two shops down to a bakery and purchasing $14 HKD worth of doughnuts where the shop owner didn't blink twice when I handed her my $500 HKD bill. I then had to go back to Glady's to settle up our bill. 

The second shop we visited was Knockbox Coffee Company in Mong Kok. I had read really good reviews on them, and we were not disappointed. Their pastries were delicious, and the hot chocolate was a hit for all of us. My husband is eating a vegan diet at the moment, and he was able to order something to accommodate his needs as well.  

We ended our coffee shop tour in Jordan, walking down Parke Street looking for Kava. Unfortunately it had closed down already. After calling a friend of ours that lives on that street and confirming that it had been turned into a Korean restaurant, we decided to call our adventure quits. We were wet and tired from walking through the puddles. We opted for a movie at home!!!

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