Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hairy Crab Party.

With the season for hairy crabs coming to an end, we knew we had to seize the moment and go ahead and purchase some crabs to get the full experience. On the street next to the wet market in Kowloon City, there are shops after shops selling the hairy crabs. We randomly picked one shop that had a couple cases of crabs tied up with reeds and had the shop keeper give us specific instructions for how to steam them at home. The shop keeper threw in some fresh ginger, a couple bottles of sweetened vinegar, and a handful of aromatic leaves. The fresh ginger and leaves were deposited into the boiling water, and the crabs placed in the steamer. Twenty minutes later, the crabs had changed to their bright red color, and were ready to be consumed. It was an interesting food experience, and we concluded that it's a lot of work with not much reward. There was not much meet or roe in the crabs we ate. The crabs are pretty pricey, at over $100 HKD or $13 USD a crab.

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