Friday, November 20, 2015

Goodbye Pets.

A couple months ago I wrote about buying two little turtles for my animal loving daughter to have a pet. I remember having turtles as a pet in high school, but I don't remember how much work they are. Having to clean their tank every day got to be a little tedious, especially since I was the only on in our family taking responsibility for the job. Our turtles were miserable living in such a small space in their tank. They were always wanting to get out and escape. So to have happier turtles, we looked for a pond that had no signs posted saying that we could not let our turtles go in it. 

We found a pond in the Kowloon Walled City Park that has many a larger turtle and there were only signs saying that we were not allowed to let fish out into it. We said hello to the security guard standing nearby. She looked at our turtles and smiled, making a thumbs up sign to us. So we let our two inch turtles swim their way to freedom. The other turtles came by to say hi to us and we have learned the lesson that Hong Kong is just not the right place for our family to have animals. 

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