Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Day To Myself.

Recently I realized that I am constantly surrounded by people, which is something I love and typically thrive from. However, as a homeschooling parent who is with her children 24 hours a day, I do need the break. But the break from my children usually means meeting up with friends for a girl's dinner out or coffee with other friends. I haven't been completely alone for some time, which is also something I love and thoroughly enjoy. The kind of day where I do not have to answer to anyone but do the things that I enjoy doing. A day that I can work with my own time schedule instead of balancing someone else's. That is a good day. 

So I skipped church and went to see an early movie, bought a chai tea latte from Starbucks, walked down to the Butcher's Club in Wan Chai for a burger with duck fat fries, and took the tram to Causeway Bay for a two hour massage. Pure indulgence. Even with all that alone time, I ended up calling a really good friend and we met up for coffee and a picnic on Victoria Harbour in the evening. As much as I love my time alone, I still crave community and relationships. 

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