Thursday, October 8, 2015

What Every Expat Should Know About Staying At A Public Hospital.

My top three general observations from our four day/three night stay at a public hospital in Hong Kong have led me to this list.

The first, is that for the whole paediatric floor made up of thirteen rooms, with ten beds to a room, there was only one shared bathroom. In that bathroom the female's had the luxury of two toilet stalls to pick from while the men had one toilet. For the whole floor. The bathrooms stank and were filthy. Surprisingly the male bathroom was cleaner than the female bathroom, so my daughter always used the guys bathroom. You were not allowed to throw your used toilet paper into the commode, bringing up memories of our time spent volunteering in Thailand this past summer. You were required to throw your used toilet paper into the trashcans outside the stalls of the bathroom.

I learned that the Chinese medical staff are brusque and blunt. Quick and to the point. There is a serious lack of bedside etiquette from the medical staff to the patients. But for all of the rude staff members, there were the few that were sweet and friendly.

They are sticklers for the rules. Chairs that folded out into beds were not allowed to be made into beds before 10:00 pm and must be put up in their upright and locked position at by 7:30 am. I made the mistake of letting out the bed ten minutes before 10:00 and got a stern lecture in Chinese from an angry looking staff member. The curtains that divided each bed from the next were not allowed to be closed unless a mother was breastfeeding. The curtains must remain open at all times. Again, another rule I was in the habit of breaking and was constantly pushing the limits on.


  1. I actually did not really eat the hospital food, but my daughter did and she ate it without complaining. It was typical Chinese food with a rice cereal in the morning for breakfast and then for the other meals it was a meat, rice, and cabbage.


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