Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sai Wan Rock Pools & Waterfall.

Hiking out to the rock pools of Sai Wan in the Sai Kung Country Park was definitely my favorite adventure of the weekend. The fresh water of the Sheung Luk Stream, was cool and refreshing after the hike from the beach. We left our shoes and belongs at the first rock pool and hiked over the sharp rocks with our bare feet. I would definitely recommend wearing shoes for the climb. 

There was a bit of a crowd at the waterfall, but not too large to make the space seem too small. Our daughter and the daughter of our friends were an immediate focal point for some of the young university students who were fascinated by our biracial children.  The mama instinct in me kept a close eye on my kids, but I think it's strange how here in Hong Kong, strangers love to stop us to take pictures with our kids, or as in this picture, they wanted to hold them as if they were dolls they had never seen before. There were no other children at the waterfalls, so that made our children all that much more of a novelty.

People were jumping from the top of the cliff, but my son knew he would not be a good enough swimmer, and kept to the rocks closer to the water. He loved challenging himself and told me later, that in order to make that initial jump, he gave himself a pep talk of, "it's just life" right before he jumped. He is such a sweet boy with a caring heart, and I love seeing how he stretches himself to try new things that are out of his comfort zone. 

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