Monday, September 14, 2015

Ice Candy.

The sidewalks in Central on Hong Kong Island on a Sunday are full of domestic workers sitting on any space deemed acceptable for them to sit on. Our family had skipped church for the day and we were waiting for a friend to meet us, so we decided to pass the time by eating our take out lunch on a concrete ledge. Finding the perfect spot turned out to be harder than anticipated. There are many spots in Central that the domestic workers are allowed to sit, but they are not allowed to eat in that spot. We finally found a place on the concrete that we could sit and eat, surrounded by women who work very hard for the meager amount of money that they make. 

Since the majority of domestic workers are from the Philippines, we had women who have a side business of selling things they have made come up to us. My husband purchased three little plastic bags of frozen "ice candy" for him and the kids to try. 

Ice candy is a fun fiesta food that is served in the Philippines. It is made from the meat of a young coconut, sweeten condensed milk, evaporated milk, and canned fruit cocktail that is then frozen in narrow, thin, plastic bags. 

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