Monday, August 31, 2015

We Made It One Year!!!!

The beginning of August and the end of July marked the one year anniversary of our arrival in Hong Kong. We celebrated it as a family first, since our friends who arrived with us were still back in the United States for the summer holiday.

There was no better way to celebrate our anniversary from leaving South Carolina, then to try out the restaurant 85 South for some good ole southern barbecue. It has been a full year since we've tasted sweet tea, eaten hush puppies, baked mac & cheese, and some good pulled pork.

This has certainly been quite the year. Probably the second most stressful year in our twelve years of marriage. A new country. A new culture. A new school. A new work environment. Everything was new. Even though it's been a stressful year, it has also been a great year. We have visited new countries. We have made new friends. We have found a new church that we have been searching for for the past twelve years. We have tasted new food. Like all things, life always comes with positive and negative aspects. 

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