Friday, August 14, 2015

Our Crazy Tuk-Tuk Driver.

We were walking toward the Grand Palace when a man dressed in what looked to be an official guard uniform came running toward our family and told us we could not tour the palace because there was a ceremony going on for the monks. He then told us a tuk-tuk driver would take us around Bangkok and show us tourist sights for fifty baht. Ridiculously cheap.

We told him ok, and naively climbed into the tuk-tuk. However, our ride turned into us having to go into custom tailor shops to listen to salesmen try to talk my husband into buying a custom made suit. Taking into consideration that he wears a suit just a couple times a year, the fabric was made in China, and we would not be in Thailand long enough for it to be delivered to our guesthouse, we weren't interested.

Unfortunately, we left an angry tuk-tuk driver at the end of the day when we were not successful in collecting the correct amount of business cards he needed for his free tank of gas. Instead we paid him the agreed upon amount for taking us around Bangkok, and left him in search of lunch.

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