Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Biking The Tai Po Waterfront Park.

When we got back from Thailand, our family had a week of friends from North America that came to visit us. The first set was a family that live in the same housing development as our family back in Myrtle Beach. Their kids would come over to our house and play with our kids and vice versa. It was exciting for our kids to see familiar faces and to be reunited with their friends. The second set of friends that came to visit us, I knew from my high school youth group days back in Canada. There's something so special about friendships that have lasted over the past {almost} twenty years and have not only spanned time, but distance as well.

With my friend and her husband, who is an avid biker, we thought it would be fun to rent bicycles in Tai Po and ride along the waterfront. We rented bikes for a couple hours, thinking that would give us plenty of time with the sun beating down on our heads.

The Tai Po Waterfront Park is a beautiful park, with so many interesting facets to it. We walked through the insect house, and as a homeschooling family, it automatically became an impromptu science lesson. We climbed up the 106 ft. look out tower that boasts views of the Tolo Harbour. Little did we know what we were missing when we lived in Tai Po a year ago for that first hard month in Hong Kong!

Our friends rented a tandem bike, our son rented a fatbike {also known as a bike with wide tires}, and my husband rented a bike that pulled a covered cart behind it so that he could give his favorite girls a ride in the shade! The two hour time limit was plenty, although it would have been nice to stop and eat lunch at one of the restaurants we saw along the waterfront. The breeze off of the water kept us cool enough, and it was a fun two hours spent with friends.

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