Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Market Street Food.

Our host mother came back from town and told us that there was a big blowup jump castle with slides on it. She suggested we all walk to the market and let the kids play on the jump castle. The eleven year old girl named Tip, was not allowed to go, and had to stay home to work.  As I mentioned before, she has more work than all the other children who are staying at the home.

It was our first walk to the market, and it allowed us to get to know the area a little better. We paid twenty baht for each child to jump for twenty minutes, and while they jumped we walked around the market looking at the food vendors were selling.

My stomach was still bothering me, so I passed on sampling any of the food, but my husband tried a couple things. He found everything he tried to be very delicious. We decided to bring home a crepe type treat home to Tip who was still working by the time we got back to the home.

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