Thursday, June 11, 2015

Umbrella's Are Out When The Sun Is Out.

I took these pictures when we were at Disneyland this past weekend. Just to show you, my readers, how Asian's love to bring out their umbrella's when the sun is blasting down and there are no rain clouds in sight. Umbrella's in the sun was a common sight for me as I grew up in the Philippines. It was part of the culture there as well as here in Hong Kong. Growing up, my family never participated in this custom, and even now, I don't indulge with my own family. 

There are a couple reasons for why Asian's bring out the umbrella when the sun is shining. The first is probably vanity. They don't want their skin to get any darker. Over here in Asia, you can find many skin whitening products on drugstore shelves. They think having a pale complexion is a sign of beauty, and unlike Caucasians who spray tan and lay out on the beach to get darker, Asians try to get lighter. 

The second reason is probably because the sun is hot. It just beats down on you as you walk around the streets of Manila or Hong Kong. So the umbrella's create a little bit of shade while you're walking to your next destination. 

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