Monday, May 4, 2015

Tai O Fishing Village.

My husband and son went off on a boys trip together to see Paul McCartney playing in Korea, so my daughter and I met up with a friend to visit the fishing village in Tai O out on Lantau Island! Tai O is famous for their houses that have been built on stilts above the water. Many families in this village get their income from fishing the surrounding waters. The surrounding mountains make this a picturesque village to live in. 

We took a twenty-five dollar boat ride through the channels which gave us a quick view of the homes that are built above the water. After seeing pipes running directly into the water, I wondered about the sewer system and where their waste gets deposited into.

Before we purchased our boat tickets, we were told we would see pink dolphins. Very skeptical, we weren't expecting anything to come out of the promise, but much to our surprise, we did see them! Or should I say, we saw flashes of them, but they were too quick for me to actually photograph and for my five year old daughter to see. You really had to know what you were looking for to get a good glimpse of them. We stayed out around the dolphins for barely three minutes before the boat driver took us back into Tai O.

The village was intriguing to walk through. The majority of seafood we saw that was available in the stalls to purchase was dried and not fresh. We saw shop owners setting out fish to dry as well. My daughter is a huge fan of seafood, and we stopped to purchase a fish ball for her to sample as well as a doughnut that was advertised as a "Tai O Doughnut". It was delicious, as you would expect fried dough covered in sugar to be! 

We made a full morning out of it and by lunch time we were in Mui Wo eating lunch at the China Bear and looking out at the water. I was glad we decided to visit early, since the crowds became thicker as the day progressed. 

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