Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Massages In Hong Kong.

Who doesn't love getting massaged? {My husband.} But aside from my husband, most people I know absolutely love getting massaged. Since we've moved to Hong Kong I feel like massages are a necessity with all the walking and bag carrying I'm doing on a daily basis. What I would once reserve for special occasions back in the United States, I now indulge in regularly. I've been treating myself to two hour massages every couple of weeks. 

Foot massage establishments are all over the place here in Hong Kong. Massages in Hong Kong are different from massages back in the United States. I've gone to a couple places primarily in Kowloon City. Some places I end up laying down on a table {what I'm accustomed to back in North America}, while I've also gone to a lot of places that I sit in a chair for the entire time.

The chairs are oversized arm chairs with plenty of padding and draped with towels for cleanliness. The staff brings out a wooden bucket with a white plastic trash bag full of water to soak your feet in and it helps wash away the grime of the city streets. The water is hot and it takes a second for your bare feet to adjust. The oversized arm chairs are in a row and since it isn't a room that requires one to undress down to their underwear, the masseuse drapes a towel over your shoulders and arms while s/he massages that area. I've had good massages and I've had bad massages. Here in Hong Kong a lot of pressure is applied and I have left with bruises on my body.

If you see a smiley face on the foot massage sign, you know that the establishment caters to a "happy ending". I have avoided those businesses.

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