Friday, May 8, 2015

Hap Mun Bay Beach.

Recently, friends of ours showed us what is currently my favorite beach here in Hong Kong. The sand is reminiscent of the sand back in Myrtle Beach where we are from, and because there are nets in the ocean along the perimeter of the beach area, the water is relatively clean. At least cleaner than what is often found in a typical Hong Kong beach.

We took a ferry out from the Sai Kung public pier, and with our blue tickets in hand, enjoyed a five minute ride to the island. The boat drops you off at the end of a little concrete boardwalk that leads up to the beach. 

The water in May was cold when you first walked in, but gradually your body adjusts. An hour after we arrived, the sun was blasting its way through the clouds, and it felt good to be in the water. My two kids had a blast being in the water and playing in the sand again. These are two beach babies that have been away from the beach for almost a year!

Granted, Sai Kung does require a bit of a trek to get to from where we live, but I loved this beach because there weren't a lot of people on it. I love a non-crowded beach! Up the hill behind the main building with showers and bathrooms, there was a grassy spot with plenty of tents set up with people camping. 

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