Friday, May 29, 2015

Cheung Chau Bun Festival - Street Food.

Aside from the one bun we purchased and sampled at the Bun Festival, we also enjoyed walking through Cheung Chau and trying different street food items. When you think of fair food back in the United States, images of corndogs and funnel cakes come to mind. Not here in Hong Kong. Festival street food was naturally a bit different from what you get in North America.

Street food is delicious and made even more so when it's served to you on a stick! My daughter ordered a gigantic cookie the size of her head, my husband ordered a potato that was deep fried on a stick {it tasted more like potato chips}, fish balls that you eat with a long wooden skewer, and plenty of other tasty foods.

One of my favorite food purchases that we sampled, was a Taiwanese shaved ice. You could pick your flavor(s) and then they poured a topping of your choice on top. I chose a coconut ice with a condensed milk topping. My husband also wanted to sample a snow cone he had seen people walking around with. The cool treats were perfect for the hot and humid day we were experiencing!

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