Thursday, April 16, 2015

Macau With The Grandparents.

While my parents were here we took a day and spent it in Macau with one of my parent's coworkers who lives in Macau acting as tour guide for us. We were able to get a great look at Macau from a local's perspective. 

I love that Macau has preserved the history of their buildings. It's a completely different feel from Hong Kong. Hong Kong likes to tear down buildings and build brand new. Macau is a little more quaint compared to Hong Kong. I also feel like I'm in a totally different country when I'm in Macau. It's not as westernized as Hong Kong is. The Portuguese influence is still seen through the architecture. 

We ate local food indicative of Macau - pork buns, Portuguese egg tarts, and a chicken dish with rice and melted cheese on top. Everyone keeps telling us to eat at Fernando's, but we ended up eating at a local restaurant that our tour guide friend uses a lot.

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